I am Pym

Keeping this simple, just sticking to the music for now. More to come. Contact me at pym@iampym.com


Up In Flames (Pym Remix) - Satoshi Tomiie

When The Last Time (Pym Remix) - The Clipse

Hater (Pym Remix) - Various

Nothing (Pym Remix) - James Holdon

Revolver (Pym Remix) - Ochre

Original Material

Introspective Procession - Procession written for the amazingly talented Bad Unkl Sista

Flares - Short and sweet

Infectious - Solid slow beat and melodies

Shaharazilch - Remix of some vocals I found

Glitter - Downtempo Glitch

Phenome - Downtempo Sitar, all produced, no samples

Putty - Rolling along the train, bass and beats

Ashes - Piece I wrote for a friend's newborn

Arch - Heavy melody over 70bpm beats

Nautilus - Noise with melody experiment